Badurco Inc

CNC Milling

​​CNC milling is our bread and butter at Badurco Inc. We use a milltronics RH20 cnc machining center for

this work.  It is a very versatile toolroom and jobshop machine with a 40 x 20 x 20 work area.

We can import .dxf files directly to this machine for programming.  We also use Bobcad-cam for off-line programming, and can work with your solidworks files there.

Whether you need one part or hundreds, we are up to the task.

CNC Turning

We have recently added a Haas Toolroom lathe.  As with our RH-20 mill, this is a very versatile machine.



At Badurco Inc., prototypes and onesy twosy parts are no problem.

Just in Time/ Kan-Ban

We understand lean-manufacturing and would be interested in helping you maintain proper inventories

of your critical components.  

Product design/ Reversing

We can design or help you design a component or mechanical assembly, or measure and create drawings

of your broken/worn out equipment.

Manufacturing Consultants

If you could use some help finding the best processes for your application, or are not sure what is

possible, we would be glad to help.  As many manufacturing problems are created in the designing

stage, it is often helpful to have someone involved with experience designing for manufacturing. 



Shop: 3401 A NW Hwy 24 Suite 200 Topeka, Ks. 66618

Mail: 937 SW Valencia Rd. Topeka, Ks. 66615

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